TopSports aims to create a fully immersive online learning experience. The curriculum for each class is designed by the athlete instructor and includes pre-recorded videos, a class workbook, and interactive assignments. Each lesson also includes a comment section for learners to ask questions to the community and their instructor and request or provide feedback for other students.

Our courses are divided into 6 – 8 lessons. Each lesson is roughly 15-20 minutes long, and bonus videos will be available for many of the individual lessons.

We understand that everybody learns at different speeds. There’s no time limit on any of our courses, so you can complete each lesson at your own pace.

It depends on the instructor. In some courses, the instructor may choose to answer questions or provide feedback to select students, and occasionally we may partner with instructors for live Q&A sessions. We cannot guarantee interaction between students and instructors for every course, but we will inform students when opportunities to interact with instructors become available. Students are always encouraged to use the comment section to ask questions and request feedback from other learners.

Again, this depends on the instructor. Each course is accompanied by a free interactive workbook (accessible through your learning portal) to augment or expand on each lesson. Some instructors may request that you complete certain activities before the next lesson begins.

All of our courses can be successfully completed using just the in-lesson materials, and any additional assignments that may be given by your instructor are not required to be completed before starting the next lesson. However, we do encourage you to try these exercises and assignments if possible, as they can provide additional context into something you’ve already learned or help prepare you for what you’re going to learn in future lessons.

Our videos can be downloaded within the app for offline viewing, but they can’t be downloaded directly to your computer or smartphone. (Think Netflix or Spotify.)

Even the greatest athletes occasionally need to re-learn some of the things they’ve picked up throughout their careers. Once you’ve purchased a course, you can watch, re-watch, rewind or fast forward as often as you need to.