what we’re about

At TopSports, we believe that every aspiring athlete should have access to advice from the top athletes in their sport. Technology has made it easier than ever for people to connect, and we’re using that technology to build an immersive learning experience for up-and-coming athletes.

TopSports is a place where amateur athletes can come to learn from the best – like you – and be part of a larger sports community. We want to create the definitive resource for future athletes to learn about every sport and what it takes to succeed in each one.


TopSports is creating video-based classes led by premier athletes from a variety of different sports. In these classes, amateur athletes can learn unique tips and techniques to help them excel in competition. People learn best when they don’t realize they’re learning, so each lesson is designed to be engrossing, informative, and inspiring for students and their instructors.


Think of our classes as Netflix for athletes: we want the lessons to be so entertaining that once students start watching, they won’t want to stop until they’ve finished the class. And just like any good Netflix show, we need stars.

That’s where you come in.

In order for the lessons to be as captivating as possible, we need more than just simple instructional videos where you demonstrate practice drills. You’ll work with our director, producer and in-house writers to build the structure of your classes, allowing you to share practical tips while telling your story: the obstacles you had to overcome to reach the top of your game, your mental approach to performance, or anything else you think will be valuable to future generations of athletes.

how you win

control the narrative

Your rise to success is your story. We’ll let you tell it.

Increase Your Visibility

Not all athletes are household names–yet. Partnering with us will bring you closer to the name and brand recognition you deserve.

Be an Ambassador for Your Sport

You’ve spent your life working to reach the peak of your sport. TopSports can help you represent it in the best way.

Prepare the Next Generation

The stars of the future need someone to help them reach the top of their game. Partner with us and those stars will have you to thank for their success.

Cement Your Legacy

Your competitive days are limited, but your influence isn’t. Helping the next generation reach peak performance will ensure your place in the history of your sport.