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Dani G. Waldman



TopSports is an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience, an online classroom led by athletes, for athletes. Top professionals from a variety of different sports show you how to unlock your full potential, sharing everything from technical tips for improving your performance to what it means to have a winner’s mindset.


Each course is taught by a top athlete in their sport, within them there is a series of individual lessons, all designed by the athlete and each with their own particular focus. At TopSports, we use the microlearning model to help you get the most out of each lesson.


Our goal is to create a learning environment unlike any other by striking the perfect balance between captivating entertainment and immersive learning. The TopSports platform has a variety of unique features – bite-sized lesson formats, an emphasis on shared learning, and top production value – that are perfectly tailored to achieve that goal.

why top athletes love topsports

Our athletes care about the future of their respective sports, and they want to help us build an online repository of sport-specific knowledge, training and tips. In doing so, they cement their legacy not just as great athletes, but as great ambassadors of their sport.


Own your identity
with Dani G. Waldman.

Watch our first featured class to learn what you need to know about the world of equestrian show jumping and how to stay true to yourself.


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